Why The Riverton Office Building Is Worth $1.9 Billion

It’s a classic office building with a lot of historical context, and it’s worth $1,9 billion, according to a study from Real Capital Analytics. 

Riverton, N.J., is the second largest city in New Jersey, with a population of 3.6 million.

Its former home has a building management office, a school, and an apartment building. 

It was built in 1878, but has never housed more than 200 people, and in 2017 it was the subject of a lawsuit. 

In October, the New York Times reported that the building had been a target for foreclosure since 2010. 

“The historic property was the first real estate in the area to be condemned for high-end real estate speculation,” said Real Capital CEO David M. Garrow.

“The building is a real gem, but it is also an important asset that will remain here for generations to come.” 

The city has also been working to revitalize its riverfront, adding a new pedestrian bridge, and rebranding the park in the Riverton Historic District. 

The City of Riverton has also invested in other historic buildings, including a building in Brooklyn called the Old Bank of the United States, which was once a large bank, according the New Jersey State Historical Society. 

Real Capital Analytics analyzed all the properties that have been condemned for foreclosure in the city, and found the average price per square foot was $2,638.

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