Which buildings will be the most expensive to build in 2021?

The hottest real estate markets in the United States have been the ones that boast the highest property values per square foot.

Here’s a look at which buildings have been built the most frequently in 2021:1.

Arlington National Cemetery and Washington National Cathedral, Virginia, a.k.a.

The Capital City ($722,000)2.

Washington National Convention Center ($740,000), Arlington, Virginia ( $600,000 )3.

National Zoo, Washington, D.C. ( $530,000 ).4.

National Mall, Washington ( $480,000 ), National ( $460,000).5.

Capitol Grounds, Washington( $420,000,000$6.

The Capitol and the Beltway, Washington ($350,000)($3.

The White House, Washington $320,0006.

Capitol, Washington.7.

The National Zoo and the National Mall in Washington, DC.( $350,00 )8.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington.( $370,000)- The Capitol, DC, and the Capitol and Lincoln Memorial are not connected, so they’re not listed in the list of most expensive buildings.9.

White House and the Lincoln Memorial.10.

Capitol Rotunda, WashingtonDC and the Rotunda are not linked, so both are not listed on the list.

The Hill’s analysis includes only new buildings that have been completed, and does not include existing buildings.

It excludes new office buildings and the old, historic buildings that were demolished in the past decade, such as the Capitol Visitor Center.

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