When ‘The Office’ Gets a New Year’s Resolution, Will the Franchise Get One?

(Photo by: Andy Warhol/AP)The new TV series ‘The West Wing’ is about a group of people trying to take down President Trump and his administration.

But the show has also been making its way to a new generation of fans.

And it seems like the fans have decided they’d like to see more.

On Twitter, the hashtag #WestWergens has been used to promote ‘The Next One’, a show that is slated to debut on Jan. 12.

‘West Wing’ co-creator and writer Adam McKay shared that he was inspired to write ‘The New Year’ after seeing how hard it is to get new viewers to watch a show they don’t want to watch.

“It’s a challenge to get the people who don’t watch television to tune in,” McKay said.

“We have a long way to go.

But it’s an opportunity to get a new audience.”

McKay’s series centers on the office building in West Wing, which is home to the White House, State Department, Defense Department and National Security Council.

McKay and the show’s writers are also writing a book about the show, called “A Year in the Life of The West Wing.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, McKay also talked about the inspiration behind the show.

He said he first saw ‘The White House’ during his sophomore year of college, when he was visiting a friend in the Chicago area.

“I was watching ‘The Walking Dead,’ and I was like, ‘This is the White Houses real life,'” McKay said, “so I went into that room and just started flipping through the papers and looking at the walls.”‘

The West Wergens’ will be airing on Netflix starting Jan. 25.

The series was originally filmed in New York and Los Angeles, but it was re-shot in New Zealand and Australia.

McKay said that he wants to explore the world of the office in ‘The Washingtonians’ series.

“When we’re making a show, we like to try to be as realistic as possible,” he said.

“So, if you’re in the White house and you don’t know how things work, you’ll know that when it comes to ‘The Wergends,’ the people in the West Wing will have their own secrets.”

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