When office buildings fall: The Texas house that went up for sale

The house in Austin that went from $2.1 million to $4.8 million was a classic office building that had a lot of charm.

It was located just outside the downtown core and had three floors.

The architect was George H. Miller.

In the mid-1920s, Austin’s first skyscraper was built on top of it.

The Texas House is the latest addition to the growing list of high-rise office buildings that have fallen into disrepair.

The house in the Austin suburb of Garland was listed for $4,500,000 in 2015, and has been on the market for nearly two years.

It’s now on the block in an undisclosed location.

It’s also the latest high-end office building to fall into disuse.

This summer, a $2 million office building in Chicago was demolished after two decades of neglect.

The office building at 5th and Garland was demolished in July and replaced with a new building.

It is now a parking lot, but the old building will not be torn down.

The house at 6th and Cesar Chavez was torn down in October, replacing it with a condo.

The Texas House was originally built in 1918 as a five-story structure with a six-story main house.

It had an ornate entrance with a large staircase.

Its first floor housed offices, a pharmacy, and a hotel.

Its second floor was an office building with an outdoor kitchen and dining room.

It was built as a hotel in 1919 and became a rental building in 1926.

In 1922, it was remodeled as a seven-story residential building.

It was then torn down, and in 1926, it underwent a $8 million restoration to the original specifications.

The new construction features a large kitchen and bar, a dining room, a bathtub, and the house’s original entrance.

It has a pool.

On Wednesday, the house at 7th and Garfield was listed at $4 million, and its listed price is $4 billion.

It currently has an estimated $1.8 billion in cash and a $4-billion mortgage.

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