When an abandoned office buildings can save lives

In the middle of a San Francisco street, an empty office building sits vacant and unloved.

Its empty facade is filled with a whiteboard, with a small sign that reads “It’s been vacant for over a year, but it looks like we’re making a new start.”

The office building was formerly a medical school, which closed in 2006, and then a law office, which went into foreclosure in 2013.

The building has been abandoned for years, with some windows smashed, and some rooms boarded up.

But it’s now the home of the Balboa office buildings, which are owned by a private company.

In 2015, the Balbonias moved the building into their new office space.

The company has a plan to rehabilitate the building, but the building has only been vacant one year.

The owners say they plan to rebuild the building as a museum, and that they will turn it into a community center, a library, a health clinic, and even a restaurant.

The owners of the building say that the city is going to spend tens of millions of dollars on rehabbing and upgrading the building.

But they’re also planning to keep the building vacant for several years, to make sure the building is safe and accessible for future tenants.

“We will renovate it and then it will be used as a home for the community,” said Barbara Balbonia, president of the company.

The Balbonas say that it will take several years to get the building back into a functional state.

The building’s vacant facade is one of many abandoned buildings around the Bay Area.

They’re often built in places where the water is contaminated or there is a shortage of housing, and the buildings are often boarded up and boarded up in, or partially boarded up, with windows smashed.

The buildings have become a breeding ground for graffiti, with many of the buildings having been painted over and spray painted over.

The buildings have been abandoned, and there have been no permanent plans for them to be renovated.

“It just kind of sat there for years and years,” said Krista Giese, an associate professor at San Francisco State University who specializes in building sustainability.

Giese has studied the history of abandoned buildings and found that there is no consistent pattern.

“The buildings that we’ve seen are not very well known,” she said.

“And they’re really hard to quantify.”

In her research, Gieses found that in the 1980s, San Francisco became a dumping ground for abandoned buildings.

“They basically just sat there and were there for a long time,” she explained.

The city was in dire need of housing.

In a 2009 report, Griese estimated that the number of buildings in San Francisco would drop by 30% in the next 20 years.

In the same report, she said that the lack of housing led to a rise in the homelessness rate in the city.

There are some indications that the housing crisis in San Diego County may have contributed to the high number of abandoned office spaces in San Pablo.

In 2010, the San Diego Housing Authority said that more than 30,000 San Diego office buildings had been abandoned since 2001.

In that same year, the city also reported that it was “undercounting” the number to nearly 400,000.

San Pablo was the site of a number of mass evictions of poor people.

But in 2009, the City of San Pablo passed a law requiring landlords to offer affordable housing and pay back the government for evictions.

The law has been in place for several months, but Giesa believes that there may be a loophole in the law that allows landlords to evict homeless people while retaining their right to evict tenants who have not paid rent.

In the past few years, San Pablo has become a hot spot for homelessness.

In 2017, there were nearly 8,000 homeless people living in the community, which is a far cry from the 20,000 who lived there in 2006.

But that’s not to say that San Pablo is a particularly homeless community.

In 2014, the number had dropped by 70%.

“It looks like the number is going down,” said Giesi.

“There are a lot of homeless people that live in San Jose, but they’re not necessarily homeless in San Pasos.”

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