What to expect from a Quick Build Office in New Zealand

If you’ve never built a Quick Building Office before, or if you’re unsure what Quick Build is, then you’ll find the information below helpful. 

The building is located at Mt Cook Regional Council’s Mt Cook Regional Office (MPO), near Mangaluru in New South Wales. 

It’s a small building, with a total floor area of just 3,600sqm. 

Its exterior walls are painted with the Lad Bible, the Hebrew bible, and its exterior windows feature a mural depicting a lamb being raised on the altar. 

Here’s a shot of the entrance.

The building’s interior is dominated by large office furniture, including a large desk, chair, and a large office chair. 

A small conference room is also on the ground floor. 

There’s also a large kitchen, dining room, and living room. 

As you might expect, the floor area for the building is quite small. 

In the photo above, you can see that the building has four floors and a total of 5,300sqm, with the largest floor being the lobby floor.

This is the office lobby, which is connected to the Office Building via a single floor elevator. 

To enter the lobby, one needs to step into a conference room with a desk. 

Once inside, the conference room will have a number of open doors leading to various areas of the building, including the administrative office and the building administration office. 

One of these open doors leads to a stairwell, which is used for the initial loading and unloading of vehicles and employees. 

At the top of the stairs is a large conference table, which can be used to hold meetings or for meeting and conference planning. 

Below that is an elevator, which takes you up a ladder to the building’s first floor.

From there, you enter the building via a bump-out door, which requires a security clearance. 

On this side of the Building, you will find an office lounge that will accommodate small meetings. 

For more information on the MPO, please check out our MPo page.

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