How to win your divorce without a lawyer

It’s no secret that divorce is tough.

But a recent study from the University of Pennsylvania shows how a legal team can help you get over the hump.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, looked at how much money couples spend on divorce attorneys and how many of those attorneys were paid by the couple’s own bank account.

The researchers looked at the percentage of attorneys who were paid for their work by the couples’ own bank accounts, not those of their spouse or children.

This meant that if a couple were paying lawyers for an hour to work on a divorce case, but they wanted to make it look like they were spending an hour of their time on that, then that wasn’t good enough.

So they turned to a better measure: how much each lawyer’s client contributed to the divorce settlement.

And, as you might expect, the researchers found that, overall, the money spent by the clients’ bank account accounted for a larger share of the attorneys’ total compensation than did their spouse’s contribution.

In other words, while the amount a couple’s bank account paid for attorneys was roughly $10,000 per attorney, that money accounted for about 10% of the lawyers’ total salary.

And the more lawyers the couple had, the more their money contributed to their spouse and children’s compensation.

“When you have a large number of lawyers, it’s important that they have a significant amount of client money, and that’s what we found,” said study co-author David J. Lippman, Ph.


Professor Lippmann was a law professor at Cornell University at the time of the study and a former lawyer with a law firm in New York.

“I think it’s not surprising to find that the larger the number of people who have attorneys, the greater the compensation.”

And the effect was even stronger for women lawyers.

In fact, women who were part of the marriage had a larger percentage of the total attorneys’ salary than did those who were not.

“It’s not just that women are more likely to have attorneys than men, but that the women have more clients,” Lipp.

“That makes sense because, on average, women are less likely to work with a lawyer.”

For example, a man would have about 1.5 times as many clients as a woman, so his salary would be about $40,000 more.

That’s about the same as if his wife had been a full-time lawyer.

Women attorneys also spent about $10 more per hour on the case than did men attorneys.

That means that women attorneys spent about twice as much time on the divorce case as did men lawyers.

Women also were paid more than their male counterparts, at about $30,000 an hour, but the difference in salary between women and men was not statistically significant.

The findings suggest that, in many divorces, the best strategy is to hire the best lawyer for your case.

But you’ll also need a couple of good friends to help.

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