How to stop the new ‘Big Four’ building plan

The new “Big Four” office building project from Texas and Ohio is the latest in a string of controversial mega-projects that have stirred controversy in the past few years.

The three-story tower will have 4,500 employees at a cost of more than $2 billion and the state’s highest ranking to say no to the project.

Here’s what you need to know about the project: The “Big 4” office project has been a divisive issue in Ohio and Texas over the years, as critics say it would be a costly and disruptive development for their communities.

In the end, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, won support for the project with the promise of a massive tax hike to pay for the construction and operations.

The project has drawn criticism in both states, including in Ohio where some residents have opposed the building and called it a threat to their water supply.

At a news conference earlier this month, Governor Abbott said that the project was being built “under the guise of economic development,” but that was just an excuse to avoid addressing the problem of polluted drinking water in some communities.

“This project is the most expensive construction project in the history of Texas and is costing the state more than the combined cost of all the proposed high-rises that have been proposed in our state,” he said.

“It’s time for our leaders to stop playing politics with our environment, our health, our economy and our future.”

The building was announced as part of a deal announced in June between the Ohio and Ohio governments.

Under the deal, the project would build on a 30-acre parcel of land at the northwest corner of the Columbus River, just across from the Ohio River in Harrisburg.

The land was previously used as a park, but the new plan includes a parking lot and other amenities.

“We’re going to do what Ohioans deserve, which is to do the right thing and put our money where our mouth is,” Ohio Governor John Kasich said at the news conference.

The developers will also be building on an adjacent parcel in Cleveland.

The state has said it will raise taxes on top of the existing property tax to pay the construction costs, and it has said the project will be paid for with money from the state general fund.

Officials say the project is not an economic development project.

“The Big Four office building is a project that is completely unrelated to economic development and does not serve the needs of Ohioans,” Kasich said.

The Ohio Economic Development Corporation has said that it is working to get more information about the construction, but Ohio Gov.

John Kasich has also said the building is not a major economic development opportunity.

“Ohioans have been demanding that the Big Four be put on hold,” said Jim McClellan, the director of economic and economic development for the Ohio Department of Economic Development.

“As the governor of the state, it is my job to make sure the public is informed of what’s happening.

It’s my job, and the governor’s, to be able to tell people the truth about what’s going on.”

Ohio Gov John Kasich, left, and Governor Greg Abbot announce the announcement of the project at the Columbus County Commissioners Meeting on June 30, 2017.

(Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images) Critics of the “Big” building say the plan could negatively impact neighborhoods in Cleveland, a city with a population of more that 8 million people.

“If you’re looking at a development of this scale that will be taking up valuable land, that will have an impact on neighborhoods, I’m afraid that would be an enormous mistake,” said Cleveland resident John Kavanagh.

“That’s where I’m coming from, it’s not a project of economic benefits.

It would be the wrong use of public land.

I don’t think this is the right direction to go.

It shouldn’t be happening in the heart of our city.”

In a statement, the Ohio Economic Advisory Council, which represents the city of Cleveland, said the city is committed to “taking appropriate actions to address the impact of this project, which will be a major setback to our community.”

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