How to Build a Tower for $250,000 in Antampo, Mexico

You can build a tower for just $250 million in Antampso, a Mexican city of roughly 1 million people.

That’s the equivalent of about 20 houses.

It would be built at a time when the average price of a house in Antamso is about $60,000.

And for someone who needs to save up for a new home, this is a steal.

But before you get too excited about it, be aware that Antampos’ new office building is one of the most expensive real estate in the country.

(It also sits within the border city of Ciudad Juarez, which is about 50 miles away.)

“The first time I heard about this building was through a tweet from an Antamposi resident,” says Tom Lohr, a real estate agent who lives in the area.

Lohs family had just bought a house there a few years ago and was considering moving there to live.

“I got a text message from my agent saying, ‘You’re going to have to leave,’ ” he says.

“But I had no choice.

It was just too good to pass up.”

After researching the building, Lohrs family was intrigued by the fact that the building was made of a combination of stone and brick.

“The brick is so strong that it’s almost impermeable,” he says, “so you can’t just tear it down.”

The real estate agents also learned that the penthouse of the building’s penthouse-style building includes a fire escape that’s only accessible by climbing up a ladder.

“It’s not a very common thing to see in real estate, where people actually have to climb up the ladder to get into the penthouses,” Lohrl says.

So Lohls family was skeptical about building a penthouse on top of the old office building.

“There’s a lot of buildings with balconies,” LOHrs says.

“[It was] kind of like building a fortress on top.”

But after they did a bit of research and talked with some architects, they decided to give the building a go.

They put a few months of planning and construction behind it, and Lohres and his wife, Christine, moved into the building this month.

“We decided that we wanted to build a pent house that would look very modern, but still be able to have a lot more charm,” Lofl says.

A penthouse is a big building, but Lohrds family says it is one that should not be missed.

“This penthouse tower is a very nice structure,” Lohn says.

The penthouse in the pent house tower is designed to have two balconies, but you don’t need a lot to enjoy the view.

Lofls family says that the balcony on the top of his penthouse can be turned into a rooftop terrace.

“That terrace is actually a nice way to see the city, but I love it because I can see from here,” he explains.

Lohn is hoping to sell the pent houses soon.

“As soon as we get it built, we’ll put it on the market,” he predicts.

If you’re looking for a nice penthouse, Loflin says that you can expect to pay a bit more.

“Because the pent building is so tall, you have to be careful about the height of the structure,” he said.

“You have to put some extra work into the construction to make it look really nice.

It’s not something you can just build and go home with.”

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