How ‘Office’ and ‘Office Suite’ Became One in One

The ‘Office Space’ and the ‘Office Unit’ became one in one on Wednesday when the company that built them in New York’s Greenwich Village named them after one another.

The iconic two-storey building at the corner of Broadway and Fifth Avenue was built in 1961 by the Manhattan-based architecture firm Bjarke Ingels, which had been building office space since at least the early 1960s.

It is the tallest building in the world and the only one in New Jersey.

It was named after its architect, the celebrated architect of the building, John C. Mathers.

In 1967, the building was named for the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in architecture.

Ingels was one of the architects responsible for the landmark office space, called the Office Building, and its suite of offices.

Mathers, who died in 2010, designed the buildings’ facade with a strong focus on design and the importance of the space in the daily lives of people, according to a biography of the architect on the building’s website.

Ingel’s name was a nod to the office, where he was the founder of a group of architects called the Mather Group.

Millett’s name, originally an acronym for the M.P.A.A., was chosen in honor of Mather’s mentor, architect Robert Millett, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and the famed architectural firm Mughal-led architect.

M.P.’s were designed by the famous firm of Schoenhardt & Brink, which was one the most influential architectural firms in the US during the early 20th century.

It was also a partner in Mather &amp.amp, the firm that had been responsible for some of the finest architectural styles of the day.

The Mather building’s name is a nod in honor the architect’s mentor and partner, Mather, who designed it, said Sarah J. Smith, an assistant professor of history at Rutgers University.

Miles Marks, the founder and chief executive of the Mounth Foundation, said the name was chosen to honor Mather because the Mourners are a group that cares deeply about the people they work with, especially women.

“I think that’s why it resonates with them so much,” Marks said.

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