Construction workers take over office building

Buildings that were part of a office complex at a central Delhi suburb have been demolished after the office building management office took over.

The building management of Prakash Bagh, located near the eastern suburbs of Bandra and New Delhi, was put up for sale earlier this year after being vacant for over a decade.

“A few months back, our office was sold and we were asked to come up with a plan for the development of the area.

We started a search for an appropriate site for the building.

We looked at various locations around Prakasu Bagh.

We searched all the buildings of Pankupalli and Prakaswaland we had many good options but it was not feasible for us to redevelop our office in the area,” said Rakesh Kumar, the general manager of the Prakasha Bagh Development Company.

He added that the decision to redevelop the office was taken in the wake of the demolition of a number of offices and shops in the nearby area.

“The area was already heavily congested and people were not willing to move into the area due to the high construction costs,” he said.

“We decided to buy the property and we are still awaiting a decision from the landlady.

After that, we will take over the building and will continue to work,” he added.

The demolition of the office complex has been followed by an increase in construction activities in the neighbourhood.

The area was completely redeveloped after the construction of the Mysuru metro station was completed, and several shops have been renovated.

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