Building automation software to automate building maintenance

The software will allow buildings to automate maintenance and repairs, while also allowing for automated inspection and control, with no human involved.

“It will provide a lot of flexibility to the owners to manage their buildings more effectively, which is something that we want to see in every building,” Dr Watson said.

“With this technology, there’s not a lot that the owner is required to do.”

The technology, called BuildingApi, will also allow for automatic repair and inspection of existing buildings.

“As the building ages, it becomes less and less reliable and we want that to change,” Dr Watkins said.

Mr Watson said the software will help owners maintain the integrity of the building, including the safety of employees, and also help them manage the upkeep of the structure.

“If there’s a problem with the building that we can’t fix, then that’s a very bad sign that it’s deteriorating and we need to get the building fixed.”

The software also allows owners to track their progress in building maintenance, and allows them to record the progress of the owners maintenance schedule.

Mr Watkins said the technology could also be used by property developers to manage the quality of their buildings.

Dr Watson also said it was possible to use the technology in the workplace.

“We’re not necessarily trying to put a person in the building to take care of maintenance, but rather we’re trying to automate the process,” he said.

The project is expected to be completed by 2021.

Dr Watkins and Mr Watson are co-founders of the BuildingApaq Technology group, which aims to commercialise the technology.

They hope to sell the software to businesses that want to manage maintenance.

Mr Watters said it would be a very positive move for Australian construction and manufacturing.

“I think it’s going to be an incredible addition to the construction industry,” he told the ABC.

The owner of the business, I think, can use that as a tool to manage more efficiently and cost effectively.”

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