A new office building proposal to be built in Melbourne’s CBD

A Melbourne developer is aiming to build a 300-bedroom, 100-bath office building in the CBD that would be the world’s largest office building and would be among the largest ever built in Australia.

The proposed development, to be called The Lighthouse, would be built at the intersection of The Quay and The Ballarat Quay.

The project will include a two-storey tower with retail space in the centre of the site and residential and retail spaces in the surrounding area.

It will be the largest office tower in the world.

The development is one of a number of office buildings in the Melbourne CBD planned by Australian firm, Crespi Development, to support the expansion of its Melbourne office park, Crenshaw Office Park.

A second office tower is also in the works for the site, which has been vacant since 2012.

The office tower proposal is part of the new $10 billion Melbourne office development.

The site includes a large number of retail and commercial space and will have the largest public entrance in the city centre, according to Cresp, which also plans a major new pedestrian and cycling trail connecting the site to the CBD.

The Lidgell Group is proposing to build the first building on The Quays, the Quay, which is a busy pedestrian thoroughfare and is located across from the Victoria University of Technology campus.

The Quai has been redeveloped as part of a $10 million public works project to connect to the CityLink rail line, which connects to the Melbourne CityLink station.

Crespis development will have approximately 20,000 square metres of retail space and retail and residential units.

“The LidgeLLG development has a vision to bring retail to the Quays as well as the area to create a more sustainable and sustainable environment for our employees, staff and community,” Crespic CEO and managing director, Scott McManus said.

The design for The Latchll Group’s proposed office tower.

“We are committed to delivering a truly extraordinary development with a vision for a truly unique and extraordinary site.

The entire project is built on the principle of a holistic design that maximises the opportunities to create sustainable communities and opportunities for the people of Melbourne,” Mr McManuses said.

Crenschway, Cray’s Crespes office project will build a new building with 1,300 apartments and retail space across the site.

“Crenshaw is a major commercial site in the heart of the CBD, and we are thrilled to be bringing our design to the site for the first time,” Mr McFee said.

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