A new data visualization tool for your office space

The next big trend in office technology is the use of office space as a vector.

While the term “office space” is often used to describe the size of a space, this new concept of vectoring the space into a single image is actually being used to create office spaces that are more efficient and effective.

One of the new tools in this trend is a data visualization service called OfficeVector.

OfficeVector is a service that will show you how efficiently each office space is using its space.

It uses the OfficeSpatial dataset to help you visualize the amount of office and residential space used across the country, as well as a few other key metrics.

In the case of New York City, OfficeVector shows that a typical office space in New York uses more than 30,000 square feet.

For San Francisco, it shows that office space uses more in excess of 80,000, and for Seattle, office space used more than 120,000.

These metrics are all important for you to understand and make sure that you are using the right office space.

In New York, the average office space (that is, the space you can use to work) uses about 30,400 square feet, while the average residential space in San Francisco is more than 80,400.

However, the number you should consider when determining the optimal office space for your organization is the average space per square foot (sqft).

It’s not uncommon for an office space to use more than 100,000 sqft in the city, but you want to be sure that your office can use up to 90% of that space, so that you can achieve an effective efficiency.

The more you can manage the space, the better off you’ll be.

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